Adams Receives NSF Structural Monitoring Award


An expert in experimental mechanics and damage tolerance of composites, mechanical engineering professor Dan Adams received a National Science Foundation three-year companion award (along with principle investigator Dr. Joel Harley – ECE). Adams’ portion of the award, $158,579, is for their research entitled, “Big Data Structural Health Monitoring: Statistical Damage Detection.” With this award they plan to statistically identify barely visible, critically important trends in large […]

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Coats Receives NIH Grant to Measure Vitreoretinal Adhesion

vitreoretinal interface

The National Eye Institute at NIH recently awarded Brittany Coats a two-year R21  grant titled Quantitative Regional Analysis of Vitreoretinal Adhesion with Age. The grant began March 1, 2016 and will be focused on elucidating mechanisms of adhesion at the vitreoretinal interface, and quantifying how those mechanisms change with age. The data will be extremely informative for understanding and developing treatments for posterior vitreous detachment, for […]

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Coats PAC Research Highlighted on KSL

TV news station KSL recently highlighted research in Dr. Brittany Coats’ lab on the potential impact of arachnoid trabeculae in mild traumatic brain injury. Through optical coherence tomography imaging and finite element modeling, Dr. Coats’ group found that these microstructures dictate force distribution from the skull to the brain. By implementing the natural variability of the structures into their finite element models, they were able to improve predictions […]

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Czabaj to Give Keynote at Composites, Materials, and Structures Conference


Dr. Czabaj was asked to give the Keynote Address during the Behavior and Life Prediction of Ceramic Matrix Composites symposium at the 40th Annual conference on Composites, Materials, and Structures. His talk, titled “X-Ray CT Imaging and Numerical Modeling of CMC Microstructures: Challenges and Opportunities” will highlight his work non-destructively characterizing and simulating the 3D microstructure of composites. A draft of the program can be found here.

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Czabaj Awarded Competitive Beamline Access at LBL


Czabaj and collaborators from UC Berkeley (Ritchie), GE Global Research (Gao and Singhal), GE Aviation (Wilson), AFRL (Jefferson and Przybyla), and Teledyne (Marshall) have been awarded an Approved Program at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advanced Light Source beamline 8.3.2 to study high-temperature ceramic matrix composites. The beamline 8.3.2 is a Synchrotron-based Hard X-ray Micro-Tomography instrument. It allows non-destructive 3-Dimensional imaging of solid objects at […]

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Using Multiple Scales to Predict Brain Injury


Congratulations to Greg Scott, student in the Developmental Head Injury Lab, for getting his manuscript accepted into Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, one of the premiere modeling journals in the biomechanics field. The whopping 19-page journal publication titled Utilizing multiple scale models to improve predictions of extra-axial hemorrhage in the immature piglet is an outstanding effort that describes the development and validation of multiple scale models to improve […]

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Colovos Research Featured in European Museum

colovos image

James Colovos, a doctorate student in Dr. Rebecca Brannon’s Computational Solid Mechanics Lab recently won Best of Show in the Spring 2015 Research as Art Contest, a competition of image and videos produced from scientific work. Colovos’ research as art is now also on display at the National Gallery of Art in Lithuania. The 200 microsecond simulation of a plate striking a rock took nearly a day to […]

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High-Rate Plastic Deformation of Fluid-Filled Porous Geomaterials


Dr. Brannon and the Computational Solid Mechanics Lab recently developed a practical engineering approach for modeling the constitutive response of fluid-saturated porous geomaterials. The approach was evaluated by simulating a shaped-charge jet penetration in their publication titled, “Continuum effective-stress approach for high-rate plastic deformation of fluid-saturated geomaterials with application to shaped-charged jet penetration.”  An analytical model of a saturated thick spherical shell provided valuable insight […]

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Czabaj Article Accepted to JCM


Article entitled “Determination of the Mode I, Mode II, and Mixed-Mode I-II Delamination Toughness of a Graphite/Polyimide Composite at Room and Elevated Temperatures” authored by Czabaj and Davidson has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Composite Materials.

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Spear Gets AFOSR Young Investigator Award


Congratulations to Dr. Spear for being awarded a grant from the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Program (YIP). Dr. Spear’s proposal combines 3D multi-scale modeling with machine learning to advance structural prognosis capabilities for the U.S. Air Force. Only 57 scientists and engineers were granted this award. Dr. Spear is the first in the Mechanical Engineering department at the University […]

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