High-Rate Plastic Deformation of Fluid-Filled Porous Geomaterials

brannon_stress_fieldDr. Brannon and the Computational Solid Mechanics Lab recently developed a practical engineering approach for modeling the constitutive response of fluid-saturated porous geomaterials. The approach was evaluated by simulating a shaped-charge jet penetration in their publication titled, “Continuum effective-stress approach for high-rate plastic deformation of fluid-saturated geomaterials with application to shaped-charged jet penetration.”  An analytical model of a saturated thick spherical shell provided valuable insight into the qualitative character of the elastic– plastic response with an evolving pore fluid pressure. However, intrinsic limitations of such a simplistic theory are discussed in the publication to motivate the more realistic semi-empirical model used in this work. The constitutive model was implemented into a material point method code that can accommodate extremely large deformations. Consistent with experimental observations, the simulations of wellbore perforation exhibited appropriate dependencies of depth of penetration on pore pressure and confining stress.

Publication in Acta Mechanica: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00707-015-1407-2