Czabaj Awarded Competitive Beamline Access at LBL

Czabaj and collaborators from UC Berkeley (Ritchie), GE Global Research (Gao and Singhal), GE Aviation (Wilson), AFRL (Jefferson and Przybyla), and Teledyne (Marshall) have been awarded an Approved Program at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advanced Light Source beamline 8.3.2 to study high-temperature ceramic matrix composites. The beamline 8.3.2 is a Synchrotron-based Hard X-ray Micro-Tomography instrument. It allows non-destructive 3-Dimensional imaging of solid objects at a resolution of approximately 1 micron. Time on the beamline is competitive and all potential users must submit a proposal. Specifics about the ALS beamline can be found here.ALS_AP